Keep Pedestrians Safe

See Me Flags is a Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety System

Recent Studies Determined that Crosswalk Flags Will Stop Up To 80% of Cars When Used by Pedestrians

A National Safety Issue

In 2022 7,508 Americans lost their lives while walking, the most in a year since 1981 for pedestrians, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). That is more than 20 people every day. Experts say that drivers and pedestrians are more distracted than ever with smartphones and headphones and that many streets are not designed properly for walkers creating dangerous conditions. GHSA Data

Studies done by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) determined that crosswalk flags are up to 80% effective at stopping cars when used by pedestrians using them at crosswalks. TRB Source Data

A study completed in Las Vegas indicated a significant association between the use of pedestrian crosswalk flags and increased driver yielding. Drivers were more likely to yield to pedestrians carrying pedestrian crosswalk flags, both when the pedestrian indicated the intention to cross and when they were already in the roadway. Las Vegas Study

The See Me Flags Story

See Me Flag in Action


See Me Flags make such a difference! They are stationed near my home at a crosswalk that spans 4 lanes of traffic. Before the flags were available, I would be lucky to get one or 2 lanes to stop after a significant wait time.  Now that the flags are available, it is quite easy to get all 4 lanes of traffic to stop! I feel much safer crossing and allowing my kids to cross with the See Me Flags.

I also drive on this road regularly and, from a driver's perspective, the See Me Flags make a HUGE difference in drawing attention to the pedestrian. I wish the flags were available at all crosswalks in my neighborhood.

Angie G

There are many intersections in our community that are dangerous for pedestrians to cross. Neighbors have lobbied for safer crossing measures but they are expensive and take years to implement. See Me Flags is a brilliant, inexpensive and safe way to cross these busy intersections. There are so many distracted drivers, this is an excellent way to grab the attention of drivers before you can safely enter the crosswalk.

Making our community safe for all pedestrians is paramount and this simple idea could quickly be implemented around our neighborhoods. I feel better about letting my kids cross the busiest intersections with these in place. Simple, Safe and Cost Effective. Thanks for See Me Flags.

Erin H

My girls walk to school and have to cross a busy road to get there. I am amazed by how few drivers stop at the crosswalk even school buses. I think it is hard to tell that the kids are waiting to cross the street since they are just standing there in a group. Now with the See Me Flags at the crosswalk they can waive the orange flag when the are ready making it obvious to the drivers that they intend to cross the street.

Now that the See Me Flags are there I feel much more comfortable about my girls walking to school. Why spend $10,000 on flashing lights when you can spend $199.99 on See Me Flags.

Lauren B

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