Girls Scout adds Crosswalk Flags to Make the Streets Safer in Fremont, CA at Hirsch Elementary

A Fremont, CA 12th Grade Girl Scout, Aditi Agarwal, decided to improve pedestrian safety in her community and specifically at her elementary school and the surrounding area. There is one crossing that majority of the students use that does not have a crossing guard or any lights for added protection for the students.
Addressing this problem she sought out a solution and decided on installing SeeMeFlags pedestrian safety flags to that location so kids would be able to cross and be confident and safer when doing so.
She also focused on road safety for her project and was able to work with the school to present a slideshow on pedestrian safety to 300+ kids giving them a tutorial on how to use the flags and give them a worksheet on pedestrian safety. Additionally she hosted a road safety webinar for all the parents of that school on driving tips and specifically driving in school zones.
The crossing flags are a huge success and the younger kids loved using them so far. Her project is complete and she is happy to have made an impact on her community and do something that will leave a lasting impact and give students the confidence and added safety measure when crossing!

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