North Carolina Crosswalk Laws

North Carolina Crosswalk + Pedestrian Laws

  • Pedestrians at Traffic Signals: North Carolina statute makes pedestrians subject to signals for controlling traffic. The WALK signal gives the pedestrian right-of-way to proceed across the roadway. Pedestrians are not to start crossing the roadway when the DON’T WALK signal is in place. Pedestrians may not willfully obstruct or inhibit the flow of roadway traffic.
  • Pedestrians at Crosswalks: When pedestrian traffic signals are not present or inoperable, drivers are to yield the right-of-way to pedestrians within either a marked or unmarked crosswalk. When a vehicle is stopped at a marked or unmarked crosswalk to allow a pedestrian to cross, drivers traveling behind that vehicle are prohibited from passing. Drivers who are exiting alleys, driveways, or private drives are to yield to pedestrians using the sidewalk.
  • Pedestrians Crossing Outside of Crosswalk: When pedestrians are attempting to cross a road at a point without a marked or unmarked crosswalk, they must yield to vehicles. When intersections with traffic signals are present, pedestrians may only cross there using the crosswalk. Pedestrians may not walk along the road when sidewalks are provided.

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