New See Me Flags Installed at Westover on Washington Blvd in Arlington - Thanks to the Westover Beer Garden

Thanks to an anonymous donor we installed new See Me Flags at the Westover Market Crosswalk on Washington Blvd. This is the location where a women was struck by a car in November of last year (2018) while using the crosswalk to cross Washington Blvd - ARLNow Story

Local residents have been clamoring for years to try and get improvements made to the crosswalk but both Arlington County and the State of Virginia have denied requests to reduce the speed to 25 MPH and put in flashing lights. Hopefully, the new See Me Flags will help making cross the street safer when going to the Westover Beer Garden to meet friend or walking to the Italian Store for a Milano sandwich. 

Westover Market Crosswalk Location

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  • It is sad that this was triggered by a tragedy. But hopefully, this flashing crosswalk will help people reduce their speed. We will need a speeding expert nearby to make sure that people who drive in the area drive more than 25 mph.

    Afton Jackson
  • I was at the WBG a few weeks ago minding my own business and watched a women get hit in the crosswalk where the crosswalk flags are. The thing is she was NOT carrying a flag with her. The car stopped and luckily the women was OK but it was a good example of why people should be careful and carry the flags.

    Jeff Baskin

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