New Crosswalk Flag Set Installed near the Village of Shirlington in Arlington, VA



Thanks to the Shirlington Civic Association (SCA) and the Delancey at the Village of Shirlington for working together to get a new set of crosswalk flags for the neighborhood in Arlington, VA. The building sponsored the new See Me Flag crosswalk set which is near the Delancey apartment building next to the Village of Shirlington helping walkers get across South Arlington Mill Drive. "We hope the flags make everyone safer. This is one of our major pedestrian crossing points. It located between two traffic lights, so Transportation regulations won't allow a flashing light," commented Shirlington Civic Association president Edie Wilson. 

Pedestrian safety is a huge issue in Shirlington with so many walkers and this is is one of many improvements that the SCA is working on in the neighborhood. Businesses in the village thrive since there are so many pedestrians so keeping them safe is in everyone's best interest. Wilson added "so many people cross here from Campbell to get to the Nelson Street footbridge over Four Mile Run, the bike and walking path, Shirlington dog park, and Jennie Dean Park. Kids love using the bright flags and it's a great way for them to learn about keeping safe." 

 Crosswalk Flags Set Sponsored By:

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  • I was just driving down Soth Arlington Mill and saw a driver stop for a jogger carrying one of the flags. That was the first time I have ever seen the first car stop. Thanks for doing this!

    Kyra G.
  • Cars finally stop for me on my morning jogs. I just grab a flag and waive it and they almost always stop. Before they just kept on going. Thank you to the Delancey.

    Ben Holly

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