New Crosswalk Flags Added at the Intersection of John Marshall + Little Falls in Arlington, VA - Thanks to TDI Homes

Many kids walk to and from Nottingham Elementary and Williamsburg Middle School have to cross Little Falls which is a very busy road. There have been multiple tragic accidents recently near that intersection so TDI Homes decided to do something about the issue. They partnered with See Me Flags and sponsored crosswalk flags on all four corners of the intersection to make it safer for walkers. They also added a set at the intersection of Little Falls, Kensington and Yorktown Blvd to make that intersection safer for pedestrians. 

Little Falls is used by many commuters and kids walking to school. Keeping kids safe as they walk to school was a big reason that TDI Homes stepped in to help make the streets in Arlington safer.

Thank you TDI Homes!!!

TDI Homes


  • Great to see that you did something to help improve walking to school for our kids. Student safety is always a top priority when they are in school but not when they are walking home.

    Thanks again!!

    Jeff Baskin

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