Crosswalk Flags Installed Near Overlee Swimming Pool on Lee Highway

The first See Me Flags were installed at the intersection of John Marshall Dr and Lee Highway right next to Overlee Pool. The Overlee Community Association tried for years to get better crosswalk signage at the intersection siting kids walking to the pool all summer but both the county and state said "no" so the association sponsored the first set of See Me Flags.

Now, when pedestrians are walking to the pool they can grab a crosswalk flag and feel safe crossing the busy street. See Me Flags Founder, Grant Yoder, said "We got so tired of getting told "NO" by government officials citing one study or another we decided to solve it ourself with a low cost pedestrian safety solution. Kids walking to the pool should not have to worry about getting hit by a car." The Overlee Community Association sponsored the set and plan to maintain them with a fresh set of flags each summer.

See Me Flags Overlee Swimming Pool Location 




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  • Thank you for doing this. I have always worried about this intersection for as long as I have coached. This crosswalk is very dangerous for kids and adults so ANYTHING we cab do to improve it is a step in the right direction. Thanks to those that are behind this.

    Joan M

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