New Crosswalk Flags Installed in Falls Church, VA at Dangerous Crosswalk

For years, citizens in Falls Church City have asked for improvements for the crosswalk at N. West St. + N. Oak St., to no avail. N. West St. is a busy road, with a lot of commuter traffic, while N. Oak leads to Mt. Daniel Elementary School. The result is a lot of drivers who are rushing to and from work, as well as to the school for drop-off and pick-up. Students and parents are also walking to and from the school bus stop and the school.

A few weeks ago, this dangerous intersection created a near-tragic situation when a young girl was struck by a passing car while she was in the crosswalk. Her backpack bore the brunt of impact, and she is thankfully okay... but it was enough for local citizens to again demand action.

Whitney and other concerned neighbors contacted See Me Flags, and in less than one week, See Me Flags were installed at the crosswalk with the blessing of Falls Church City. Now, the crosswalk is a bit safer for the people crossing N. West Street as they head to the bus stop, walk to school, or just take a walk around Falls Church. Another local resident, Meredith Grasso, who has also been pushing for a solution, said, "Crosswalk flags are not the only solution but rather an option to include in an overall solution and one that can be installed quickly."

A six year old was almost hit by a car this morning - the car swiped her backpack, which was enough to pull her out of her mom's hand. They were IN THE CROSSWALK!  SO so scary!!
-- Whitney Casstevens, Falls Church Resident



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